In summer 2019, the camp fee will be $9,100 for the full season and $7,900 for the five-week session. A three week session is $5,700. The Fund normally grants a maximum of 50% of the camp fee unless the circumstances are unusual.

Application directions

  • Download the Chief’s Fund Application (button on the right) and print
  • All applicants must be registered at Camp Lincoln or Camp Whippoorwill to be considered for funding
  • Fill out completely and sign the application form.  If you would like to attach any additional relevant information in a letter to the Board, please feel welcome to do so
  • Attach complete copies, including relevant schedules, of your US Federal Income Taxes for the past three years.  (The fund recognizes that you may not be able to provide copies of your 2018 tax returns at this time.  You may however be asked to supply them at a later date).  If you have already supplied tax returns for 2015 and 2016 and/or 2017, please send only the most recent ones
  • If parents are separated or divorced, each parent must fully complete an individual application and submit appropriate tax returns.  If this is not possible, please explain in a letter to the Board
  • Application packages (including the application and all required tax returns) must be post marked no later than February 15, 2019.  Applications that are incomplete or postmarked after February 15, 2019 may not be considered for funding at our Spring meeting

Chief’s Fund policies

  • We give priority to deserving children who are at least eleven years old
  • The Chief’s Fund Directors recognize the great value of the full camp season experience and encourage applicants to take advantage of it.  If you request funding for the full season, please view this as a commitment.  An early departure from camp results in unused funds which otherwise would have been available to help another child
  • Information supplied by applicants will be handled confidentially. The Board strives to treat each Applicant anonymously and therefore, as a general practice, only the Vice President of the Board will handle the financial information submitted.  Payment of awards is made directly by the Chief’s Fund to The North Country Camps.  The Directors of The North Country Camps will be aware of the recipients and the amounts of Chief’s Fund grants

Funds will be awarded by April 30, 2019.  For more information, please contact:

Duchess Kay
504 Merwyn Road
Narberth, PA 19072